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Patrick Custer

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Patrick is a professional mediator trained in Kansas, Oklahoma, and other areas. Additionally, he is accredited by the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) for international mediation.

During COVID, Patrick took on the challenge of CEO/Administrator of a hospital, two clinics, and a Senior Living Center. He turned over the CEO role and has continued to assist for the grants awarded to the hospital.

Patrick is a seasoned business leader, consultant, and entrepreneur whose diverse professional experiences form his ability to effectively work with management. Founder and Managing Partner of Venture Pacific Group, a specialty advisory company, focused on cross-pacific business between the US and the Asia Pacific Rim.

Earlier in his career, Patrick was an engineer at Texas Instruments and Honeywell, before holding senior executive positions at both corporations. He was the President of Donny Osmond Entertainment, CEO/Chairman of Curtis Mathes, and a director on numerous corporate and non-profit boards.

Patrick is a graduate of Texas Tech University and the University of Texas at Dallas.

He is a frequent speaker on entrepreneurship and leadership and has been a guest speaker for SMU’s EMBA and Global MBA programs, the University of Texas at Dallas School of Management, Texas Tech University, Peking University, and other educational venues around the world.


Board Member & Project Director Grants

Healthworks Kansas


Past CEO/Administrator

Morton County Health System
Elkhart, Kansas


Senior Managing Partner

Venture Pacific Group International and Venture Pacific Group Australia Pty Ltd


Accrediated Mediator

with National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS)

Asian Pacific Strategist

Over 100 trips to China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia


Executive leadership

CEO Publicly Traded companies, Chairman, Managing Director


  • Lions Club, Elkhart, KS
  • Board Member, Healthworks KHA
  • National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS)
  • Former Board Member of ICF-NT
  • Member of the American Psychological Association
  • Texas Tech Alumni Association
  • Former Member of the Thunderbird Global program


“Patrick is a very energizing and knowledgeable speaker. Anyone that has the benefit of hearing him speak will enjoy the humor, the uplifting delivery and the immediately usable message.”

– Dr. C. Jeannine Sandstrom, MCCExecutive Leader Coach & CEOCoachWorks International, Inc.Dallas TX USA

Patrick is a highly requested speaker in educational venues, corporate meetings, conferences, and many other events.

A sample list of his live media appearances:

CNN, CNNfn, FOX News, CBS, CCTV China, Bloomberg

A few conferences:

Consumer Electronic Show (CES), Sydney 2000 (Investment 2000), Pacific Rim Forum, BioTech Conference China, RFID China, Entrepreneurship China, ScanChina, Digital World, NanoTechTexas

Educational venues:

SMU Global MBA Program, SMU EMBA Program, Texas Tech University Entrepreneurship MBA, Peking University Entrepreneurship, University of Texas at Dallas School of Management, University of Science and Technology China, MIT Forum, Yale Club


Patrick has advised numerous company executives, board of directors, and investment managers on challenges of expansion into Asia or other international issues. CMC, US Steel, 3M, Total Steel, and others.

Projects have ranged from small entrepreneur operations to large multinationals. He has also advised companies on their existing operations and other companies on their initial entry into the US or North American market.

Strategic planning, market evaluation, establishing joint ventures, and governmental approvals are just a few areas of advisory services. Maintaining a hands-on involvement from start to finish, including participation in negotiations as needed, adds the unique value of having him on the team.


Patrick is an Professional Mediator with the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS), as well as having completed the training for Kansas and Oklahoma. He currently practices mainly in West Texas. This standard has been developed and widely adopted in Australia and most Neighbouring countries in the Asia Pacific region require this standard as well.

As a specialist in corporate mediations, international mediation, and mediations involving complex issues, his extensive business knowledge and experience provides an environment that senior leaders appreciate.

Mediation generally resolves disputes at a fraction of the cost of normal legal system processes in a timely manner. Mediation is effective at minimizing the distress and disruption of both parties and can assist in preserving a relationship once the disagreement is resolved.


Patrick’s background as a corporate executive, entrepreneur and advisor gives him a unique understanding of the kind of challenges senior leaders routinely face in today’s fast-paced, global environment.

He has a wealth of experience helping executives put their best foot forward in mission-critical activities including strategic planning, market expansion, human capital management, and cross-cultural negotiations.

Whether helping individual executives navigate difficult career crossroads, or working with boards of directors to maximize their members’ individual talents and time, Patrick provides in an independent and confidential environment for them to explore, evaluate and analyze the challenges.

Patrick is adept at adding value to the processes that senior decision-makers must engage in to be successful and to perform their roles in an effective manner. He attended the Executive Coaching Program at The University of Texas at Dallas.


Patrick Custer

600 S Tyler Street, Suite 2100
Amarillo, TX  79101


(806) 806-2571